I Hope You Reconsider About Albion Online

Once my laborer hit T7, that (and only that) is what drove me to risk going into a black zone, since, if I could get lucky and fill a few T7 books, I would be set for at least a couple of days.

In a lot of ways, most of what many of us in the game do, revolves around ensuring we’re filling enough books to maximize our laborer returns, since it feels “wrong” to have one sitting around not bringing in resources, even if they’re just lower tier ones.

“We’ll keep an eye out on the situation, and if there are any bugs in the setup we will of course fix them as soon as we are able, but barring that the numbers are in a place where we’re reasonably happy with the ratios and don’t intend to drastically boost them from their current target values. At the end of the day, they’re still free resources.”

I hope you reconsider. You risk removing one of the single most compelling aspects of AO if you view it as nothing more than a way to get a low number of free resources. Obviously, the returns need to be toned down from what they are now, but numbers on test aren’t even in the ball park.

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