In your first meeting with ffxiv Midgardsormr

Well, my theory is that it was just his ego talking – he had become so deluded by that stage that he was a literal god, that no mere ‘mortal’ could defeat him, even a ‘servant of the light’ as he termed us. Naturally this delusion blinded him to one fatal flaw in his buy ffxiv gil plan. We are the one the Garleans call with a terrified respect the ‘Eikon Slayer’, as we have made a name for ourselves destroying Primals like what he had become. With the Blessing relit and even more powerful than it was before, needless to say we made sport of him and his knights. And thus even defeated, he still could not see that, to him his defeat was an impossibility, a paradox. He destroyed a ‘servant of the Darkness’ (Lahabrea) easily enough, servants of the Light should have been cake! He was a literal god! No mere mortal could lay him low like that!

It was just his ego and arrogance refusing to accept the reasons for his own downfall – putting the ‘blame’ back onto us as being somekind of unknown quantity that he was demanding to know in the final seconds of his existence rather than accepting that he was responsible for his own demise, the moment he started consorting with the Ascians and decided to become a Primal his fate was sealed, and even in his final moments he couldn’t accept that.

Each language has its own idiosyncrasies in how it expresses concepts, but at different times and in different ways each one implies in some way that there is a noteworthy difference between Hydaelyn’s Champion / The Warrior of Light and someone who is simply Echo-blessed.

An easy example, in your first meeting with Midgardsormr, he easily recognizes the Echo but is shocked and offended to see that Hydaelyn has granted you the protections afforded to her champion, and thus the responsibilities demanded of him via the covenant. Another clear separation, Toto-rak in French (where your enemy spells out your threat to him with James Bond Villain-like clarity):

Few are blessed with the Echo, fewer understand its purpose, fewer heed its call, fewer receive a Crystal of Light. Almost no one accumulates six. One alone affords enhancements and protections that transcend mortal limits. Balancing out that whole glyph there in a way that allows Hydaelyn to manifest Her power to your benefit is an extraordinary advantage. That’s not to say that it’s not our own power that is the focus, of course; it’s a feedback loop. Hydaelyn made her choice for a ff14gilhub reason. The Crystals of Light are both drawn to and further the strength of the chosen.

At least, that’s how I’ve been lead to understand it so far.
The borders change on occasion, such as when Krile was protected from Ultima (presumably) by one Crystal of Light.

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