Albion Online Explains the Zone and Flagging System

With the Closed Beta of cross-platform sandbox MMORPG Albion Online now underway, developer Sandbox Interactive takes some time to explain their Zone and Flagging systems – two core structures in Albion Online that are aimed at keeping PvP fun and challenging for everyone.


Like most MMOs, Albion Online provides specific zones for both PvE and PvP activities – a Green Zone and a Red Zone respectively. The Green Zone effectively protects beginners and gives non PvP players the freedom to move about without being killed by other players. This system works in tandem with the Flagging system, which has replaced their initial penalty system for attacking other players. In Albion Online, before being able to attack others in PvP, players have to “flag” themselves as hostile, during which time they are immobile for a minute. This discourages ganking, and it becomes easier for players to decide where to go and what to do based on the number of hostile players in an area.
Even with both systems in place, there is still a big difference between an area with no PvP and an area with full-loot PvP, which has led them to include another zone: the Yellow Zone. Here, instead of potentially losing all your hard-won gear, you lose a significant amount of durability instead. This should help those who are not familiar with PvP to get a taste before wandering into the Red Zones, or worse, the Death Zones – where the full-loot system and absence of the flagging system means certain death for all but the most hardened players.

For more information on the ins and outs of the Zone and Flagging systems, read the developer post by Sandbox Interactive Founder and CEO Stefan Wiezorek here.


In your first meeting with ffxiv Midgardsormr

Well, my theory is that it was just his ego talking – he had become so deluded by that stage that he was a literal god, that no mere ‘mortal’ could defeat him, even a ‘servant of the light’ as he termed us. Naturally this delusion blinded him to one fatal flaw in his buy ffxiv gil plan. We are the one the Garleans call with a terrified respect the ‘Eikon Slayer’, as we have made a name for ourselves destroying Primals like what he had become. With the Blessing relit and even more powerful than it was before, needless to say we made sport of him and his knights. And thus even defeated, he still could not see that, to him his defeat was an impossibility, a paradox. He destroyed a ‘servant of the Darkness’ (Lahabrea) easily enough, servants of the Light should have been cake! He was a literal god! No mere mortal could lay him low like that!

It was just his ego and arrogance refusing to accept the reasons for his own downfall – putting the ‘blame’ back onto us as being somekind of unknown quantity that he was demanding to know in the final seconds of his existence rather than accepting that he was responsible for his own demise, the moment he started consorting with the Ascians and decided to become a Primal his fate was sealed, and even in his final moments he couldn’t accept that.

Each language has its own idiosyncrasies in how it expresses concepts, but at different times and in different ways each one implies in some way that there is a noteworthy difference between Hydaelyn’s Champion / The Warrior of Light and someone who is simply Echo-blessed.

An easy example, in your first meeting with Midgardsormr, he easily recognizes the Echo but is shocked and offended to see that Hydaelyn has granted you the protections afforded to her champion, and thus the responsibilities demanded of him via the covenant. Another clear separation, Toto-rak in French (where your enemy spells out your threat to him with James Bond Villain-like clarity):

Few are blessed with the Echo, fewer understand its purpose, fewer heed its call, fewer receive a Crystal of Light. Almost no one accumulates six. One alone affords enhancements and protections that transcend mortal limits. Balancing out that whole glyph there in a way that allows Hydaelyn to manifest Her power to your benefit is an extraordinary advantage. That’s not to say that it’s not our own power that is the focus, of course; it’s a feedback loop. Hydaelyn made her choice for a ff14gilhub reason. The Crystals of Light are both drawn to and further the strength of the chosen.

At least, that’s how I’ve been lead to understand it so far.
The borders change on occasion, such as when Krile was protected from Ultima (presumably) by one Crystal of Light.

Digital identity verification Albion Online provider

I can already tell you that if device ID does not stop really stop multi-accounting, then there is really no proper way for us to stop it, unless we turn our company into a digital identity verification provider and asked people for driver’s licenses and passport copy if they want to play – which of course, is not feasible.

We do absolutely want to keep learning points in play, as they are a great tool to allow players who play around 2 hours per day to progress faster without having people that play 8 hours per day insta-max every skill. Sure, this could also be done with a rested bonus or similar mechanics as employed by other Cheap Albion Online Gold games, but all of these will utlimately encourage using more than 1 account if you want to be great at multiple things at the same time. I personally do not even think it is a bad thing, as without it, people probably would not want to become the best shoe crafter in the game (if that automatically means you would not be able to do any combat). Taking into account that you can get premium for your accounts with silver, I think it is okay to have a system like this – it has also worked well in Eve Online in my opinion.

Blizzard, basically an mmo standard by themselves, generally does not action against programs like ISBoxer through bans. Instead they make it so multiboxing is basically impossible where they don’t want you multiboxing, like turning off autofollow in battlegrounds among other things.

I Hope You Reconsider About Albion Online

Once my laborer hit T7, that (and only that) is what drove me to risk going into a black zone, since, if I could get lucky and fill a few T7 books, I would be set for at least a couple of days.

In a lot of ways, most of what many of us in the game do, revolves around ensuring we’re filling enough books to maximize our laborer returns, since it feels “wrong” to have one sitting around not bringing in resources, even if they’re just lower tier ones.

“We’ll keep an eye out on the situation, and if there are any bugs in the setup we will of course fix them as soon as we are able, but barring that the numbers are in a place where we’re reasonably happy with the ratios and don’t intend to drastically boost them from their current target values. At the end of the day, they’re still free resources.”

I hope you reconsider. You risk removing one of the single most compelling aspects of AO if you view it as nothing more than a way to get a low number of free resources. Obviously, the returns need to be toned down from what they are now, but numbers on test aren’t even in the ball park.

Albion Online Guide, List of Laborers and What They Do

One of the core features of Albion Online’s private islands, the laborers can be somewhat confusing for new players. To simplify this a bit, this guide will list the different laborers and what they do, seperating them in two different categories. You may also consult this guide for more information about how to hire and use laborers.

Gatherer Laborers:

These laborers will probably be the easiest ones to understand, although a few ones may be slightly harder to figure out than others. They will basically do basic gathering work that any player can do, usually returning with 150-200 of whatever ressource they are assigned to.


Journal filled by gathering wood
Gathers wood for players

Journal filled by gathering stone
Gathers stone for players

Journal filled by gathering ores
Gathers ores for players

Journal filled by gathering fiber
Gathers fiber for players

Journal filled by gathering animal skins
Gathers animal skins for players

Journal filled by killing NPC enemies
Gathers silver and gems for players

Refiner Laborers:

Then there are the most complicated ones, the refiner laborers. While it can be relatively easy to guess how their journals can be filled, most players will be clueless about what these laborers provide until they use their services.

Journal filled by using the Warrior’s Forge
Provides the player with refined Leather, Planks and Metal Bars

Journal filled by using the Hunter’s Lodge
Provides the player with refined Leather, Planks and Metal Bars

Journal filled by using the Mage’s Tower
Provides the player with refined Planks, Metal Bars and Cloth

Journal filled by using the Toolmaker
Provides the player with refined Planks, Metal Bars and Cloth

Albion Online: Your Solution to Zergs

The perfect solution is here which i admit:

Another borrowed feature from an old school PvP MUD I use to play. Large groups in MUDs are non existent because most MUDs just simply don’t have player bases to necessitate that kind of thing, but once a long time ago…..

Misfire when in a group of [insert number here] or more your spells and attacks no longer accurately hit your target as you direct them. Instead a heal can sometimes land on a different, even uninjured ally or enemy. An melee attack might instead hit another target in its range, same with offensive spells and projectiles. Area effect spells will also have chances to inaccurately strike unintended targets. The accuracy reduction would be in the ball park of 25% still allowing zergs to function but to penalize them enough that it’s a questionable advantage when facing a group that’s equally capable but not bolstering equal numbers. It’s also a realistic feature, in the fray of a large scale battle, friendly fire is only more possible and further likely.

This was an extremely useful and even fun feature in Duris. It caused us to of course build or group right up to and before the cap. I’m sure it’ll have the same effect in Albion and deter zergs from assembling as often as they do now. It still allows large groups but adds a realistic chance that things won’t always go their way just because they have superior numbers. The current anti Zerg and burst mechanics can remain with some tuning down, no one wants to play a game where their own individual influence is greatly penalized due to having more attackers on a target. A group debuff like misfire is more suitable over an individual seeing 0s or something silly because another player decided to target the same target.

Proposal to fix the Zerg / Guildsize/ owned territory problem witch would lead to 3 or 4 mega guilds to own the entire map.

Conceptual Idea:

1) Any kill on an unflagged player while you are in the group that did the kill counts towards the kill count of your alliance
2) As more territories the Alliance owns as bigger is the Area Multiplicator
3) Killcount is reducing over time with %per hour
4) there is a list in guild which shows the kills based on (1) per member

Albion Online

Now continously the Agressor Factor of an Alliance is now hourly calcualted with Area_Factor multiplied by killcount

What does this mean? It just calucaltes an agression factor that goes through the roof as bigger your groups that zerg unfallged players and as more territories you own.

Based on the threshhold of the agression factor certain things change for the alliance:

1) below threshold peacefull all is as today
2) above Agression 1 for the members of this alliance regarding their protection : green gets yellow rules, yellow gets red …black gets lethal 1 which gives -5 % to all stats include movement speed
3) above Agression 2 ….green gets red …yellow gets black…
4) above agression 3: everything is black including towns

You manage the zerging and mega merging of guilds. You not make it impossible but you pay a price for this domination.

I do not think that the proposal is accurate, but the general idea which is adding “cost and consequences” to size and related zerging is where we need to go to adjust it and counter this trends or we will end up with super guilds that zerg everything.

If attack size of the attacking force is >>>> number of attacked ones, there is a chance of 10 % or 5 % or whatever chance, that the “wrath of the gods” is called.

This wrath of the gods calls a group of angels similar amont as the number of attackers (if 2;1, but double if 5:1 or bigger), locks the area for 120 seconds and the power of the “guardian angels” is directly linked to the power of the victim (if you went naked, your angels are weak) which assist and heal the attacked one during the 120 seconds. As bigger the difference in numbers as higher the chance to trigger guardian angels..